Terms & Conditions

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Covid-19 : During this pandemic we are still providing stud services following the Governments guidelines. We ask all our clients to follow social distancing rules and to wear gloves & face coverings whilst we are present on site.1. When a client books a stud service they are committing to the service and the service fee is payable no matter what the pregnancy outcome.

2. Welsh Alpaca Stud uses proven herd sires, each having multiple progeny on the ground. New, unproven studs are identified as such and are priced accordingly.

3. Welsh Alpaca Stud cannot guarantee pregnancy of client’s alpacas and pregnancy determination is the client’s responsibility. A veterinary ultrasound confirmation is the best indicator of pregnancy at the time of the scan.

4. Welsh Alpaca Stud will bring the stud(s) of the client’s choice to their premises to undertake the mating(s). Each stud can service one female per visit.

5. Client’s alpacas should be caught and penned prior to arrival of the stud(s) and should be clean and in good health. Welsh Alpaca Stud reserves to right to decline to undertake the mating if the female is presented in a poor condition.

6. The client will make a bio-secure, clean area available for the mating. Typically this will be a concrete hard standing which has been sprayed with disinfectant. Alternatively, a clean grass area, not accessible to the client’s alpacas, may be suitable. Please confirm arrangements with us prior to the mating.

7. Invoices for the total stud services will be raised at the time of the first service and all invoices are due on receipt. Late payment may result in all remaining mobile services being refused.

8. Transport of the stud(s) for mobile services and other visits will be charged according to mileage at a rate of £1.50 per mile one way.

9. Welsh Alpaca Stud can, if desired, bring the studs back for spit-off testing after two or four weeks. Welsh Alpaca Stud charges a service fee of £100 plus mileage (see para 8) for each visit. A spit off four weeks after the initial mating, would normally indicate pregnancy.

10. If the female sits on one of these visits, they can be re-mated up to two more times within the original stud fee, subject to the service fee and mileage charges per visit. If the female in question is not pregnant after the third successful mating an additional stud fee may be added for subsequent visits or the female may need to be checked by a vet, or the owner may substitute the female for another, subject to service fees and mileage charges.

11. Welsh Alpaca Stud recommends that the client undertakes a private veterinary ultrasound examination (usually 60 days after the last mating date). If the result is negative following a single mating, Welsh Alpaca Stud will revisit with the stud(s) and repeat the mating up to two more times within the original stud fee, subject to the service fee and mileage charges per visit.

12. Welsh Alpaca Stud and the client warrant that their alpacas are not under veterinary investigation for TB or any other transmittable disease.