Our Process

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Here at Welsh Alpaca Stud we pride ourselves not only on our high-quality studs, but also on our simple breeding program. We only offer a mobile mating service with consists of the following:

  • Initial Breeding
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Preg-Tone Scanning
  • Re-breeding (after negative spit-off or scan)

Initial Breeding

We will bring our studs to your females for the breeding to take place. We ask that you provide a clean and clear hard standing area where the mating may take place. The Stud will always remain on a halter and using our experience of breeding we will ensure that an optimum mating takes place. After the breeding you have a choice as to whether we inject Receptol. This medication can improve the likelihood of fertilisation happening.

Pregnancy Testing

In nature one of the signs that a female is pregnant is that she will spit at the Stud and/or run to keep him away, instead of sitting for him. We can recreate this situation by re-introducing the Stud to the female two weeks later. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in the female leading her to spit, this would indicate a positive pregnancy. If the female does not spit and instead sits, then we will carry out a re-breeding.

Preg-Tone Scanning

The patented Renco Preg-Tone scanner uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to detect the presence of amniotic fluid during pregnancy. When amniotic fluid is detected, the scanner produces a loud continuous tone. When used on an animal which is not pregnant, the instrument produces an intermittent recurring tone. We recommend this service anytime after 45 days post mating.


We offer a re-breeding following a negative spit-off or Preg-Tone scan and can provide you with either the same Stud or you can change to a different Stud. We then re-start the breeding process.